Collection: LOST MARY BM6000 UP TO 6000 PUFFS

The Lost Mary BM6000 is TDP Compliant. A 6000-puff rechargeable, cost-effective vaping system with an upgraded mesh coil to fully maximise and produce an intense flavour, offering extended longevity of up to ten times the use of a common 600-puff disposable vape.

Prefilled with 20 mg (2%) nicotine-strength e-liquid, the BM6000 is available in sixteen flavours. Accompanying its prefilled integrated 2 ml pod is a 10 ml e-liquid refill container. It utilises an optimised auto-fill structure and visible e-liquid window to keep you topped up.

This unique setup includes a display screen that shows the remaining battery life of its sizeable 650 mAh battery. The battery can be rapidly recharged through Type-C USB charging. The BM6000 is designed so the battery can be easily removed and responsibly recycled.