The Lost Mary Tappo is a rechargeable pre filled pod kit from Lost Mary. The Tappo uses prefilled pods, filled with flavours of liquid  found in Lost Mary’s popular disposable vapes. The popular pro pods are compatible.  The Tappo offers convenience, money saving and environmental advantages in a pocket friendly, stylish and user friendly design. Simply push the base of the pod in to release the e-liquid on to the coil and its ready to go

The Lost Mary Tappo is similar in size and form to the BM600 making the Tappo a familiar experience for those transitioning from the disposable vape.  Packed with a 750mah battery capable of providing well over a full days vape time on a single charge. The USB Type-C charge port located on the base of the device ensures quick and convenient charge times and the LED light indicator on the front of the device will notify you the level of the battery life remaining.

The Tappo kit has a premium shiny metallic finish with 4 colour options available including Dark Bronze, Blue Green, Stainless Steel and Green Pink.

  • Dark Bronze comes with a Blue Sour Raspberry pod
  • Blue Green comes with a Lemon Lime pod
  • Stainless Steel comes with a Strawberry Ice Pod
  • Green Pink comes with a Watermelon Pod

The Pro pods are compatible to use with the Tappo